​Fair chase hunting in Namibia

​​Farm Eureka, the base of Eureka Hunting Safaris, is located 1 hour west of Outjo – also known as the main gateway to Etosha National Park. The 12 000 acres of land consists of the Mopane bushveld, the magnificent Ugab terraces and is cut in two by the Ugab river. The two permanent natural springs and dry riverbeds are home to a large variety of animals and bird species.

The thing to remember about an African hunting day is that it is your day. The PH will suggest, advise and lead, but it is your choice on what you want to do.

The method of hunting employed depends on the preference of the client and can consist of either walking and stalking or hunting from blinds or special vantage points from which we can spot and ambush animals. The option of hunting from one of our well-equipped vehicles is also available should you have any medical problems, or are limited by not being able to walk long distances. Your Professional Hunter will discuss these options with you upon arrival.

The PH  will ensure that the hunting crew is briefed in advance of the agenda for the next day. This will ensure that they know what is expected of them at all times and whether they need to load bait meat and baiting equipment.

Every hunt has its own challenges and everyday will be a new adventure. A typical hunting day begins just before the sun sheds its first rays. Enjoy a cup of coffee and rusks before setting out on your safari, or opt for the more substantial selection of breakfast cereals, yogurt and juice. The morning hunt will generally run until around 11:00. Towards the end of the morning the temperatures will be getting quite high so you'll either make your way back to camp for lunch and a rest or find a thick shady tree to picnic under and have a snooze. The hunt is resumed at about 14:30 and will typically continue until sunset.

End off your day with a delicious hot meal, a few drinks and exchanging old hunting stories around a big campfire.

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Eureka hunting safaris cater to provide exclusive hunts. The company is a small family outfitter to giving every client the best personal attention throughout the hunting trip. Only one group (maximum 4) of hunters is booked at a time.  Eureka hunting safaris is a family friendly outfitter company. We strive that every hunter will leave his/her hunting trip with good memories, a sense of fulfillment and as a friend. ​​

About Farm Eureka

​​When it comes to accommodation this is the true Namibian farm experience! A farmhouse hidden from the main farm road in the veld will cater for all the hunters’ needs. This two bedroom house is equipped with a kitchen, lounge area, bathroom and veranda - excellent for the bird watching enthusiast.

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​​Namibia consists of exquisite natural habitat ranging from the mighty Namib Desert on the west bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the flaming red dunes of the Kalahari bordering Botswana in the east. The north is home to sub-tropical vegetation and a vast number of perennial rivers that separate Namibia from its neighbors Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The arid landscape of the south is separated from South Africa by the majestic Orange River. Namibia is home to 2.1 million people making it one of the least densely populated countries in the world - allowing the extraordinary natural habitat and indigenous animal life to flourish.

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