​Fair chase hunting in Namibia

What to bring

Light, cotton clothing in olive green or sand colors is recommended for hunting. Well-fitting boots, warm pyjamas and sweater/parkas for cool nights and mornings.

Please note:
Camouflaged clothing is permitted only in the hunting field in Namibia!


  • Flash light
  • Sun protection lotion (We suggest an SPF of 30 to 50)
  • Lip balm
  • Sun-glasses
  • Hat
  • Camera & Film
  • Batteries for camera
  • Binoculars (min 8*30)
  • Bow or rifle accessories
  • Clothes (2 pants, 2 shirts), warm clothes especially from June to August 
  • Diary


  • Ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance.
  • That you take out traveller's medical insurance.
  • Important to have proper evacuation medical insurance.